Mr. April, Michael Nguyen.

We’ve been enjoying some amazing spring weather, which means that June gloom is just around the corner. While Dani braces herself for those freezing sub-seventy degree temperatures lets take a moment to recognize another AOTM. Put down that screaming child who won’t finish their breakfast, pour yourself a cool pint of delicious Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider and raise your glass to give a mind-blowing, inner-child-indulging, Dumbo-ear-sized round of applause to this year’s Mr. April, Michael “Disneyland’s My Jam” Nguyen!

Michael is one of our ninja members who doesn’t give away much about himself. In the hope that we can gain some insight into what his kryptonite is, I dug up some fun facts about him. Michael is an SB native who went to Dos Pueblos High School, then received his degree in Biology at UCSB, and he currently works as a Clinical Lab Scientist. He loves watching WWE wrestling, while sitting at a bar in Disney’s California Adventure, with either a cold glass of cider or that sweet mother’s milk known as whiskey.

In High School he competed in track and cross-country. When he got to UCSB he joined the Triathlon Club where he not only learned to swim but also to swim in open water, which is no mean feat.

All these years later he still has a strong love for running and has finished 5Ks, 10Ks, Half Marathons and two Full Marathons. He even indulges our former Athlete of the Year, Chris Chan, in these crazy Disney races that involve running one of each of those distances over as many days in either Disneyland or Disney World. You’d have to be a really supportive friend to do that not just once but multiple times.

Despite all this athletic background, when he came to Gravitas Fitness, he was completely new to weightlifting and the sacrament that is picking up heavy shit. He spent his first few months with us working one on one with coach Rachel Galvin to develop his movement and mobility before stepping into group classes where we see him kicking ass to this day.

Michael is currently a regular in our classes and has made some really impressive gains during the years he’s spent with us. This year he even hit a PR in every single one of the scaled Open workouts! You can’t overstate how big an accomplishment this is for any CrossFit athlete.

Michael always shows up to class, crushes the work with a medical-grade efficiency that inspires even gets Rock Start to show up to class on time and he doesn’t waste time bragging about it, he just does it. All of these qualities are why we chose him as this years Mr. April.

Michael, we love you, your dedication as a friend, your perseverance as an athlete, and your uncanny ability to cut through the B.S.  You keep doing you, it’s what made us fall in love with you in the first place and it’ll be what keeps us infatuated for years to come.


Your Gravitas Family