Mr. June, Samuel Gonzalez!

June gloom is a distant memory, the Summer Solstice aftermath has us all popping Advil and swearing off booze, and the warm, carefree days of July are looking bright. This means that sparklers and fireworks are just around the corner and, more importantly, it’s time to pass the baton to our newest Athlete of the Month. Ladies and gentlemen, children and fur babies, pop that bottle of Dom Perignon you’ve been saving for a special occasion, get the mood lighting just right, turn up your favorite Club De la Vina jam and help us in congratulating Mr. June, Sam “Where’s the Party” Gonzalez!

Sam made it to Santa Barbara by way of San Jose, and his hometown of Gilroy before that. He and Alec (we miss you!) met at work and found their way to our bad-ass little gym almost 4 years ago. Sam’s athletic ability, work ethic, and sock collection caught our eye early on, and he was awarded the “Most Improved” award at the infamous Christmas party back in 2014. Sam has been a staple in the evening classes and in the gym community since then. His AOTM honor not only solidifies his place in CPC/Gravitas history as an impressive athlete and stand-up human being, but it officially makes he and his better half (Ms. March herself, Lauren Sova) a CPC power couple. Don’t be surprised when you see them waltzing into 5:30 p.m. class decked out in their Prom King and Queen crowns and sashes.

Sam is regularly jet setting off to some exotic destination in Mexico, a beautiful, stateside beach paradise, or up to beautiful Gilroy to visit his mother, as any good man should. The only thing he loves more than hosting friends at his house (complete with cocktails and a delicious spread) is dancing the night away to the sounds of his favorite DJ.

While his lifestyle and athletic prowess are certainly worthy of envy, these are not the things that AOTMs are made of. To know Sam is to know that he is special. Sure, he’s handsome, stylish and strong as hell. But what truly sets Sam apart is his ability to make those around him feel special. He is one of the kindest, most selfless souls you will ever meet. If he’s not buying you a drink or inviting you over for dinner, it’s probably because he is too busy re-racking your weights or carrying home your grandmother’s groceries.

The minute you enter a conversation with Sam it is clear that you have his undivided attention and that he truly cares about what you have to say. He shows up to class, day after day, and it is apparent he’s there to get a job done. He’s not flashy, he’s not worried about the numbers he puts on the board, and he is a man of few words — unless JC is also in class 😉 Sam works his butt off (always with a smile on his face), never complains, and is nothing but supportive of his fellow athletes. Let us not forget that he is also strong as fuck and pays no mercy to the WODs he regularly destroys.

For these reasons, and so many more, we salute you, Sam. Keep crushing it in the gym, keep crushing it at life, and keep doing it all with a smile on your face. We love coaching you and watching you grow as an athlete, but more than anything we love YOU! Here’s to many more WODs, dance floors, and passport stamps.


Your Gravitas Family