Miss July, Chis Barbuto!

The fireworks are extinguished and the cascarones are being painted for Fiesta as we speak — that means it’s time to crown another exemplary athlete here at our sweaty, happy place. Ladies and gentlemen, no need to hold your applauds any longer — Miss July is none other than our beloved Aussie, Christine Barbuto!

Now this isn’t the first time we’ve recognized this beauty’s athleticism! She was also recognized as our female “Most Improved Athlete” at the 2016 Holiday party — in which she saucily called Malzone a “little shit” for bringing her into the lime light. But how can we resist highlighting Chris’s amazing feats and unwavering dedication?

Chris blessed us in 2013 when she began training with Eric. Her goal was to improve her distance running (the woman has competed in several marathons!), but of course, like it affects most of us, the CrossFit fire was incendiary and she began to gravitate toward strength training over running. According to her coaches she has set a few goals for herself that we can dig — getting CrossFit HQ to make a new category for 65+ by next year so she can get to the next level — Regionals! With the heart and tenacity that Chris has, we can consider this a done-deal.

“She is likely the hardest working and most dedicated athlete in our gym and pumps herself up throughout workouts by talking to herself,” said Coach Dani. “She is relentless in pursuit of bettering herself, getting stronger, and learning; and she will do absolutely anything coaches tell her to. If you give her a warm-up, you’ll see her doing it before every workout.”

Of her most recent accomplishments, Chris PR’d her back squat at 155# — but Dani expects that number to keep rising, because every time she instructs her to go heavier, she abides and delivers.

When our AOTM isn’t racking numbers at the gym, you can find her caring for others as a nurse at Cottage Hospital. Her dear friend, Jeanne Fulkerson informed us that following the birth of her three children and a separation, Chris — focused as all heck — put herself through nursing school to start anew.

“You have chosen well for your AOTM as she is as dedicated and inspiring as anyone could possibly be and represents the Gravitas spirit at its best!” shared Jeanne. “As anyone who has met her can tell you, Chris is seriously dedicated to improving her strength and skills. If you’ve ever watched her compete, you know that she can summon seemingly unlimited reserves to complete the challenge set before her…

“I LOVE this woman and her single-minded determination to her athletic purpose,” Jeanne continued. “She is also a loving and dedicated mother to her adult children, a competent and supportive nurse to the lucky new mothers who are on her watch, and a compassionate and true friend.”

We love you, Chris! Thank you for choosing Gravitas and showing us all how to be a stellar human and athlete! 


Your Gravitas Family