This is not a sad story, so I won’t make it long. It is only a classic case of the “life throwing you a curveball” analogy. So I actually Googled quotes of life throwing curveballs and had an immediate gag reaction when they all ended with “it’s your opportunity to hit it out of the park!”

Now the story – I am stepping down as owner of Gravitas Fitness and leaving our amazing gym in the hands of none other than my partner in crime, my sister, my best friend, and the one person who I know loves this place as much as I do – Danielle. I have no doubt that she will put her heart and soul into owning this gym and making it an even better place to train.

As for me…I’m going to try and figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I’m not going anywhere so you’ll still see me around the gym training, talking shit, coaching some classes, and loving on you guys as much as possible. It has been an incredible year and a half of ownership and I have learned many invaluable lessons. I do not regret a single moment or decision.

Please join me in celebrating Danielle in this HUGE step that will no doubt be filled with adventure, laughter, learning, and a few sleepless nights (sorry D). Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog where she will write to you all as the new owner of Gravitas Fitness! I am so grateful and excited for her and have every bit of confidence that she will knock it out of the park!! 🙂