Mrs. January Jeannine Todd

Well folks, it’s a new year, and as the months unfold before us I’m looking forward to some more rain to end this drought, warmer weather, concerts at The Bowl, summer BBQs, tons of laughter/adventures, and a fresh crop of Athletes of the Month to crown with the seductive serenade that is my writing.

Without further delay lets take a moment to pour ourselves a glass of Perrier (Cause we’re all still clinging to that New Years resolution about no alcohol right?) and lets give a heart felt, laughter filled, sugar cookie sweet, round of applause for Mrs. January Jeannine “Look At That Smile” Todd!

You can easily recognize Jeannine in any class by her positive attitude, award winning smile, and mobility that is so far above par she’s off the charts.

Jeannine came to us through our New You program and quickly fell in love with our little gym.  After New You she joined regular classes and one day said me with her usual bubbling enthusiasm “Did you know how addictive this stuff is?!”  That’s exactly the kind of attitude we’re looking for in this organization and if we gave promotions based on it Jeannine would have a corner office and the title of VP on her door.

Jeannine then signed up for Justin’s gymnastics class and promptly acquired a hunger for developing her bodyweight strength.  After Gymnastics was over, and through a lot of Open Gym time she got her first strict pull up, a feat that takes some people years to do.  The girl is on a major role here!

A little known fact about Jeannine is that she’s a hospice nurse by trade, a profession that I have a great deal of respect for.  It takes a special gift to be able to shoulder the weight of easing someone’s path into the afterlife and help friends and family cope with their lose.  On top of that, through her own life experience, Jeannine knew she wanted to be a hospice nurse from about the age of eight.  It’s truly something special to find your calling so early in life, especially one that does so much good for people.

Jeannine we love you, and we love that you’ve brought your smile, your enthusiasm and your love of all things gymnastics to our gym.  Every class your in is made that much more enjoyable by how appreciative you are of the coaches and how dedicated you are to improving your fitness.  We look forward to many more workouts, Open Gym gymnastics sessions, and feeling more than a little jealousy about how flexible you are and how inflexible the rest of us are by comparison.  Keep up the amazing work!


Your Gravitas Family