On one of her many, many, many, many trips, Miss March, Lauren Sova.

Spring Break is here, which means March is coming to a close. For most of us, unless you’re Augie, the days of hitting the beach for a week in places like Panama City, Cancun, and Daytona to do tequila shots and pass out on the beach in nothing but a poncho, cowboy boots and spurs (I still pull them out for the occasional Saturday/party) are long gone. That doesn’t mean the debauchery has to stop though.

Take a second to close your office door, turn the volume up to ten on Journey’s “Juke Box Hero,” put down your Starbucks Iced, Half Caff, Ristretto, Venti, 4-Pump, Sugar-Free, Cinnamon, Dolce Soy Skinny Latte (I shit you not, I did not make that up) and give a tequila-powered, Viking-hard, Cheech-and-Chong blunt-sized, feelin’ fly like a G6 round of applause for Ms. March, Lauren “You’ll see me on the beach” Sova!

Lauren came to our little slice of athletic heaven when her and Sally first came to check out this new fangled thing called Crossfit. That was several years ago and now Lauren and her boyfriend Sam, who she met at Gravitas Fitness, are fixtures at our 5:30 pm class. You could seriously set your watch by their attendance. I write their names on the board before they even show up.

If Lauren is known for anything it’s that she’s strong as all get out, loves a party, and travels whenever she can. Her and Sam are known for regularly hosting, attending, and bringing the party wherever they go. Becky’s fond of calling their place Club De La Vina. I remember during Halloween last year they dressed up as Cheech and Chong (epic costume choice FYI) for a party in Santa Barbara and the very next day they were in San Diego at a roof-top hotel party dressed as vikings. Who the hell does that?! These two ballers, that’s who.

As our resident jet setter, Lauren is always getting on a plane to somewhere awesome. Every time I open up Facebook Lauren is posting pics of a beach in Mexico, a bar in Hawaii, a pool in Puerto Rico, or a club in San Diego/Vegas. The girl loves to travel to any and all beautiful beach locales.

However, beach bods and having an awesome travel agent aren’t enough to earn the highly coveted title of AOTM. What sets Lauren apart is that she’s unbelievably humble and doesn’t talk about her accomplishments in the gym. However, we coaches notice when our athletes begin to blossom. Lauren has gotten a great deal stronger and faster since those early days and all while being friendly and supportive of her fellow Gravletes. On top of that, Rose, her BFF of twenty years, had the best description of Lauren’s character:

“Because Lauren has such a silly and light-hearted demeanor, people may not know how much of a kind and generous friend she is. She’s always the one to lift the mood regardless of what she’s going through. She loves to see people laugh and genuinely happy.”

That’s what we love about Lauren and why we picked her as our March AOTM. Lauren, having you in class is always a treat. We love your jokes, your smile, and your squat numbers. We hope you stay forever and we look forward to many more WODs, beach days, costume parties, and jealously seeing all of your posts from around the world as you and Sam suck the marrow out of life.


Your Gravitas Family