This handsome stud is Mr. October.

Fall is in the air, there’s a noticeable chill in the morning and pumpkin spice, apple cider, Halloween candy, and The Legend of Sleepy Hallow are all fixtures in our lives. That means it’s time to crown one of our remarkable specimens of manhood as AOTM. So stop day dreaming about whether you’re going with the Sexy Hillary or Sexy Trump Halloween costume for State St./IV this year, pop the top on one of those cold ones you keep under your desk for emergencies (I know they’re there, no need to feel embarrassed, I understand.) and lets give a slap shot taking, flip cup exciting, double black diamond frightening, wildfire dazzling round of applause for Mr. October, Greg “The Gingineer” Franks!

Greg has been a long-time fixture at our gym. He’s come a long way from doing battle with PVC Overhead Squats to being a consistently badass attendee at 6 a.m. who always has one of the top times on the whiteboard. He’s highly recognizable with his forest fire red locks and his dazzling set of six pack abs *swoon*. You can’t easily miss this guy in the gym.

Another one of Santa Barbara’s Bay Area transplants, Greg attended UCSB and works as an engineer at Santa Barbara Infrared doing we don’t know what. He’d tell you what he does but the next thing you know you’ll be gagged, bagged, and waking up in a secret CIA black ops base.

Along with having a strong affinity for Fantasy Football, he also loves snowboarding and good times with his many, many homies. If you ever have the pleasure of hanging out with Greg and his lovely lady Kristen you’ll find yourself in good company. They’re both down to earth and uber friendly. They also take some pretty spectacular vacations.

There’s a good number of reasons why we picked Greg as our AOTM and it begins with his personality. He’s friendly to both O.G.s and newbies alike in class. He leaves his ego at the door and has intelligently worked through injuries and other set backs over the years. When he’s training he always brings his A game, which spurs on the people next to him to give a little extra juice to their own workout. And he always cheers on his fellow peeps in class when he’s done demolishing whatever Dani came up with for the day.

Franks, my man, I can’t say how much we love having you as a fixture in our lives. If the day ever comes when you aren’t in classes anymore there’ll be a good sized hole in our hearts. We look forward to many more Christmas parties, trips to Mammoth, tutu-wearing fantasy leagues, and epic workouts with you.


Your Gravitas Family