Dynamic Duel Recap

Gravitas represented once again at the Dynamic Duel hosted by Precision Crossfit. With more than 70 teams and some serious athletes -- Val Voboril, former third-place finisher at the Cross Fit Games, competed in the masters division -- it was one hell of a day, and...

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Congrats to Coach Shane Wallace

After tackling three months of at the Fire Academy, our Shane Wallace has been hired on with the Santa Barbara City Fire Department.  Next time you see him, please Congratulate him! We're so happy for you, Shane!  And blessed to have you in the Gravitas family!

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Sunshine and Your Health: What You Need to Know

Finally, warm, fun-filled beautiful summer days are here and ready to be enjoyed! Are you ready? Are you sure? Be ready to have what you think you know flipped upside down. Here goes… Summary Points: Sunshine is not bad, in fact it is ESSENTIAL for life, REGENERATION...

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Nutrition Goals — By Coach Danielle

If there is one thing I have learned since starting CrossFit, it's that my diet matters. It REALLY matters. I’ve tried everything from strict Paleo to Carb Back Loading and none of it worked. It wasn’t until I started eating a balanced diet, that my body started to...

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