The 80/20 Rule

I have made mention several times that as we are all unique, there is no such thing as one diet plan that suits everyone and that eating mostly whole foods most of the time is really where you need to start regardless of what your nutrition goals are. But what does...

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Spring has officially arrived and April is coming at us in full force. As CrossFitters everywhere celebrate the end of the Open (fantasizing about Dave Castro’s slow, painful death), college students are gearing up for a spring break filled with the timeless tradition...

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The Process of Change

Making changes in any area of life can be seen as either an adventure or a major upheaval. The first step in the process is the decision to do something different. As this is a nutrition article, we are going to focus on that point in life when you decide its time to...

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I Ate Whatever I Wanted, and Then…

So many people are terrified to step foot into a CrossFit gym. They think they need to be fit first, or they might get too bulky, or they might get injured. Truth is we don't injure people, anyone can do it, and we have different options so that everyone can get their...

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Deep Thoughts #2…FOOD…by BW

Bret Williams is a 40-year-old husband, father, financial advisor, and most importantly (wink, wink), coach here at Gravitas Fitness. Here is the second installment of “Deep Thoughts, by BW” that are released the first Wednesday of each month. In each one, he shares...

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