Gravitas Family –

Two and a half years ago, ACE and I moved here to Santa Barbara and were immediately welcomed into the community with open arms. It was apparent Gravitas had a special community and we have been proud to be a part of it. We feel it. We see it. This is something that, as a community, I hope never you never lose sight of.

As you all may or may not know, ACE and I own and operate Regenerate Health Medical Center. We run this practice together and have been very fortunate to have continued to grow over the past few years. This growth continues as of this writing, as we are now bringing on another Naturopathic Medical Doctor, as well as an Office Administrator!

Never in our wildest dreams, would ACE and I have imaged that we would be 3 years into our venture and looking to have 4 employees, expanded our office twice and looking at other avenues for us to grow into. ACE has definitely turned me into a serious workaholic & serial entrepreneur, I have the thinning hair to prove it! (ahhh, I’m only 36…almost 37).

Some of you have seen us as patients to work on your health issues, or to come get an IV or a Vitamin Shot before a big competition, or to experience, what Danielle would call “voodoo magic shit”, our PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Ther….yea “voodoo magic shit” sounds right).

We have been extremely grateful to Gravitas and the community for the opportunity to have continued collaboration through educational talks about athletic performance, stress, women’s health, etc. I’m certain, through continued collaboration, we will be able to bring the community even more great heath information on topics that matter to YOU.

“Ok, Dave….get to the point will ya?”

Copy that.

At the request of “Senior Management” and I concur wholeheartedly, I wanted to let everyone know, in writing, that I will be ending my tenure as a group classes coach at Gravitas.

Why? Well, first of all, let me say that it is an incredible pleasure to coach each and every one of you in my classes. I hope, in some small way, I was able to provide you with some knowledge that you can carry on with you into your training and everyday life.

Secondly, and if you didn’t already see it on social media, ACE and I are embarking on our second venture…an OPEX gym.

With the growth of our practice, we have seen an increased need for our clientele to have a facility where they can have an individualized program from a coach, with the supervision of a doctor. We feel this duo is incredibly effective in achieving the long term results that people are looking for with both their health and fitness.

With the craziness of starting another business, I felt that it was time for me to put 100% effort into ensuring the success of our new training facility. I’m certain I will see you around town, if not at the gym this month as I close out my last few group classes.

Thank you, Gravitas, for the past few years. I am happy to answer questions, should you have any.

All the best!

Coach Dave Downey