“I don’t have the time to workout more and I couldn’t possibly eat any less.” Sound familiar?

If fat loss, leaning out, or getting tone and definition is one of our members goals, after taking a look at their food intake, more often than not we find that they are habitually under-eating. While a diet focused on caloric deficit can and will lead to weight loss, in drastic amounts over time, it will actually do just the opposite and lead to metabolic issues down the road. Our media continues to be filled with messages that exercising more and eating less is the key to weight loss. For some, that may be. But if you’re already consistently exercising 3-5 times per week and you’ve cut your food consumption to the lowest possible point you can maintain, then you may want to reconsider your options.

Six weeks ago Jacob began our Nutrition Program. A program that doesn’t promise rapid results in a short time or your money back. It promises change and movement toward a better life. It is educational, individualized, and the kicker…you actually get to eat and enjoy life!!

In just six weeks Jacob lost a total of 14 pounds and 5% body fat…by EATING MORE FOOD. He let go of control, did what nutrition coach Hannah told him to do, and he got real results! We are so proud of Jacob and grateful for his willingness to share his story.

When you finally tire of the search for the next new diet that is going to answer all of your problems, we’ll be here waiting for you. If you’re ready to take the first step now, schedule a free intro with Hannah and see where to start. Until then, keep moving, keep enjoying life, and keep eating!