Now that things have settled down a bit I would like to take a moment and announce our new nutrition coach here at Gravitas Fitness …  Nicole Williams.

I’m sure everyone sort of figured this was the case since she is putting on an educational talk on Nov. 8th (write it down — be there!), but now that other things have been announced, we can shed light on the more important items like nutrition and what a huge part it plays in everyone’s life. Nutrition is a very personal, close to home topic and I am confident that with Nicole’s background and knowledge in this field, she will be able to create a healthy, comfortable space for anyone that needs some help and attention in this subject. — Danielle

“Because of my love for CrossFit and my experience treating food related issues, I have decided to focus my expertise toward developing the nutrition program at Gravitas Fitness.

My hope is to cater to people who want something as simple as a basic nutrition plan, to those whose needs are more complex, related to understanding behavioral tendencies around food. To be clear this is not a psychotherapeutic program, but I believe my experience as a mental health professional will enhance my ability to help you develop a nutrition plan that works for your specific personality type and needs.

I am really looking forward to working more closely with a community that I absolutely love and consider home.” — Nicole