Today felt different. As a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls club we achieved a great goal. We gave back and that’s a wonderful thing to do. But we gave a lot more today. We gave our sweat, we gave encouragement, we gave respect to one another. We highlighted the wonderful, supportive, friendly community that we are. I’ve photographed many STG events through the past few years. It gives me great perspective to look back at previous events. I saw things today I’ve never seen previously. And it was heartwarming to say the least. As you look at the photos through the next couple of days you’ll notice smiles. Genuine, feel good smiles. Smiles during the workouts, after the workouts, just a real appreciation for the day. It was refreshing to see so many people working hard, but enjoying the moment. It was a great reminder that STG is never about placing first, it’s about participating. With that said, I do want to draw attention to those who did place today. Congratulations! It was wonderful to see so many new faces place in an event like this. Today was within our community. It was a highlight to the core values of our gym members. There were no arguments over rep counts, no questioning of proper or improper form, just hard work put in by all parties. And so for those of you who placed at the top of that today, be very proud of that accomplishment, you earned it!
As this is the first event put on by our fearless leader Dani Russell, it was without a doubt a success. I’ll never be one to judge success by the quantity, but by its quality. The quality of passion within an owner, the quality of support within a community, and the quality of heart with an athlete. As we grow as a community, as there are more events and competitions along the way, remember today. Remember why it was so special. Remember the faces of those who had their first run at STG. Remember the faces of those who were standing on the podium. And remember how touched our leader was and how much she cares about us all. I love our community. Gravitas is a second home to me. Thank you all for being the Strength to Give within our gym.