Start the year off working towards being the best version of yourself possible! Learn simple but effective nutrition strategies and discover the habits that will enable you to be healthier, happier and look better naked for the long term. This is not a quick fix, complete body transformation fantasy challenge rather a team effort to clean up your nutrition so that it supports both your health and athletic goals. This will be a fun challenge where you keep each other accountable so we invite everyone to spread the word and bring in your family and friends as the challenge is open to members and non members alike. Let’s set those goals and get to work!!

  • January 8–February 18
  • 6 week team challenge
  • Includes before/after InBody Scan
  • 6 Week Meal Plan + Shopping List


  • What constitutes a balanced meal
  • How eating mostly whole, minimally processed foods will help you achieve your goals whether they be weight loss, healthier living or improved athletic performance
  • How refined/processed foods are a hinderance to health and performance
  • The importance of listening to hunger and fullness cues
  • The importance of staying hydrated
  • The importance of good recovery protocols, especially sleep
  • How to meal prep
  • Travel and eating out strategies to stay on track
  • A basic introduction to food journalling/tracking

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