As if you all needed a reminder to get your ass to the grass, here I am with more literature to get you into that squat position! I came across this article about the “third world squat” last week and ever since, I’ve been spending more time in this natural position. It touches upon our western ways — our desks, our toilets — and how we’ve become too accustomed to sitting in comparison to other cultures and parts of the world.

I will never forget having to use the restroom in a moving train traveling through Japan. I walked in to the stall and I see a toilet-seat-shaped hole in the ground. And mind you It was before I discovered CrossFit, so at the time it was more of an obstacle/surprise. Present Becky would have seen it as welcomed challenge — it was a moving train afterall.

So I challenge you all — even if you’re holding onto a post, get down there daily and hold it for a few minutes. And, if anything, remember to get up from that sitting position — set an alarm, get some fresh air, say hello to that co-worker across the way — just move!

Here are some highlights from the piece that’s got me

  • Simply put,“use it or lose it.”
  • “Every joint in our body has synovial fluid in it. This is the oil in our body that provides nutrition to the cartilage,” Jam says. “Two things are required to produce that fluid: movement and compression. So if a joint doesn’t go through its full range—if the hips and knees never go past 90 degrees—the body says ‘I’m not being used’ and starts to degenerate and stops the production of synovial fluid.”
  • A 2014 study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that test subjects who showed difficulty getting up off the floor without support of hands, or an elbow, or leg (what’s called the “sitting-rising test”) resulted in a three-year-shorter life expectancy than subjects who got up with ease.
  • In a sense, squatting is where humans—every single one of us—came from, so it behooves us to revisit it as often as we can.

To read the article — that gives a shout-out to our sport — in its entirety, click here.  

*Article by Rosie Spinks / Photo: Reuters/Anindito Mukherje