Dear Faithful Blog Reader,
For eight and a half loooong years Gravitas Fitness posted a blog…EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Well all weekdays anyway. Those who have been with us a long time know it was started by Traver as a passion project. The man was a tremendous writer who absolutely loved it. His blogs were captivating, heartfelt, and many of us woke up excited to read them first thing in the morning.
If any of you have ever 1) Started a blog and, 2) Attempted to come up with content and write posts every single day, you can sympathize with the difficulty in doing so. You may also be able to sympathize with how that difficulty grows exponentially when you try to take over some else’s blog and keep the readers equally as engaged.
Can everyone who reads this please give the biggest shout-out possible to our Ambassador of Sparkle, Ms. Becky Villaneda!?! When Traver left, Becky was delegated with the task of taking over the blog and has successfully done so for the last two years. She has given interviews, stayed up late, dug and clawed her way through weeks where no one else was contributing and the task fell completely on her. She has done a tremendous job of maintaining it and we are so grateful for you, Becky!
All this being said things are changing up a bit for our blog. It’s not going away completely as we will be maintaining it and still posting quality articles in the areas of health and fitness…just not every single day. These write-ups will always be posted to our Facebook group so you can check them out and know when they’re posted.
In the coming weeks you will find a new tab at the top of our website labeled “Today’s Workout & News” where you will find the WOD and all the latest news and upcoming events in the gym.
Thanks to everyone (except Sally) for your patience over the last couple weeks while our blog was missing and you weren’t sure why. I should have gotten this out sooner. I know change is hard, but this crew is freaking resilient, and you’re the shit. Onward!